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Hi! I'm Jade, I'm a recent architecture graduate, passionate about our built environment, design, illustrations, and architectural visualisations. 


For my final year project, I decided to turn a few of my friends into vector graphic cutouts to add into my renders. This is where cutouts.co came about.

Cutouts.co is based in Sydney Australia, a platform combining architectural visualisations, illustrations, and vector graphics. Bring your architecture project to life with a post-digital render, hang up a travel illustration within your space,  or get a personalised vector graphic of yourself or a friend!

  • Architectural Visualisations are done with a high level of texture, with added materiality, landscape, and human life.

  • Illustrations are done via commission, for your hotel, cafe, or your room. Individual illustrations of places I visit around the world are available as prints.


  • Hand-drawn vector graphic cutouts from a range of people, animals, plants, and furniture within a content library. All cutouts are free for use and are created to help bring unbuilt architecture to life through visualisation and renders.

       (please credit us. no commercial uses)

  • Post digital rendering service

  • Custom designed vector sets for your architecture project

  • Custom illustrations and designs

  • Personalised greeting cards, drawings, and gifts